How to Catch Cheating Boyfriend

9 out of 10 times, if a woman thinks she has a cheating boyfriend, she is right. There are many warning signs to recognize a cheating boyfriend, because face it, men usually aren’t very good at covering their tracks or just that smart at all. Trust your gut and snoop to find out if he’s a cheater. Don’t let blind faith get in the way of the truth.
My motto is that if you really want to know about a man’s life, his cell phone and computer will tell you all you need to know. Ultimately one of or both of these devices will be all you need to uncover the truth. A cheating man’s cell phone is his one possession he’s most afraid of you snooping around.
If he guards his cell phone like it’s the winning mega million lotto ticket, that could be a big sign. Some definite signs are he takes his cell phone everywhere. Even to the bathroom or taking out the trash. If he should get text message/calls ‘after hours’ which don’t make a lot of sense. If he’s elusive or doesn’t elaborate much about who it is then those are definite warning signs.
Where does he keep his cell phone while he’s asleep? If you sleep together but he keeps his telephone very close to him so there’s no way you could sneak and look at it, then there’s something definitely shady going on.

A man’s computer in my opinion is his number one catch all for anything negative he’s got going on in his life. Like I stated earlier, guys are very bad at covering their tracks or paying attention to what they might leave as evidence.
If you two live together, you can definitely put key logger software or spy software that runs hidden in his computer, but tracks every site he visits and what he types. These programs can be easily found online and will found out everything that is happening on the computer that could be relative to his cheating.
Sometimes it doesn’t even need to go to that extreme. He may not clear his web history or leaves his email up and you can catch him easily. Of course he’ll say you’re crazy or ask why you’re snooping in his business, but trust your gut and think with your brain.
If he starts doing errands or activities that are out of his normal times/days for doing it, then this too could be warning signs that he’s cheating. For example, if he starts going to the gym at a totally different time than he always has, or he’s gone longer while he says he works out, that’s a definite tip.
This one might be a surprise, but if he starts volunteering to help you out by going to the grocery store instead of you having to do the shopping, or running extra errands this adds onto your potential evidence. The reason for this extra help and to run errands is that it gives him time to make quick phone calls or even see her.
If he starts saying that you should have your own time, spend time with your folks or friends, this is his way to get you out of his hair so he can rendezvous with the mistress.
Sex life isn’t written in stone as a point of evidence for potential cheating. From almost all the guys/gals I have known who have cheated or been cheated in their life have said that their sex life changed with their partner. It might be a complete 180 from hardly any sex to his wanting it all the time or vice versa. Many guys will not want to have sex with their wife/girlfriend while they are cheating due to the guilt factor. On the flip side of that is that they may want sex more or think that they should offer more sex so as to not look guilty. This is more about knowing your man already and understand his wants and desires. If it seems totally out of place or he’s not being himself, it could definitely be a sign that he is cheating.

Tips & Warnings
It is my strong recommendation that you do not insinuate or question if your man is cheating before you have strong evidence that he is. You’ll drive yourself crazy wondering and he’ll most of the time turn it around and try to make you feel guilty for questioning him. Have the evidence and then go to him.

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