How to Move on With a Boyfriend When He Cheats

Spend some time away from him after the infidelity is revealed. Because you’ll experience a variety of emotions, it’s best to sort through them alone. By giving each other space, you’ll also avoid saying something you might regret later.
Talk to a trusted family member or friend about your feelings. Tell her about your boyfriend’s infidelity and how it makes you feel. Even if she can’t offer any advice, it still might make you feel better to get your emotions out in the open.

Keep a journal if you don’t feel comfortable discussing your feelings with someone else. Whenever your feelings of hurt or betrayal overwhelm you, write in your journal. Use any words you want to express your feelings because no one has to read your journal. Writing in a journal can also prevent you from lashing out at your boyfriend.
Ask your boyfriend the details behind his infidelity, including why he cheated in the first place. Even though the details may be hard to hear at first, you’ll likely feel better once you know. After he tells you the reason behind his cheating, offer to work through it with him. For example, if he tells you he cheated because you don’t show him enough affection, tell him that you’ll work on being more affectionate.
Forgive your boyfriend. If you can’t stop blaming your boyfriend for his actions, your relationship will never heal. Recognize that he made a mistake and is making an effort to not let it happen again.

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