Tips on Getting Your Wife Back in Love With You

Take Notice
Whether you’ve been married two years or 25, your wife still needs to feel beautiful and admired. Take notice of her efforts, whether it’s putting on makeup, doing her hair, wearing sexy lingerie to bed or even just working out every day to stay in shape. Give her compliments on her appearance. If you can’t think of a specific compliment, simply «My love, you look beautiful» can make her whole day. Pay attention to her appearance. Notice when she changes her hair or loses weight. The more she feels as though she has your admiration, the harder she’ll try to please you.
Appreciate Her
Your wife performs myriad duties throughout the day to raise your children, earn money and keep your household running smoothly. If you start taking her efforts for granted, she can quickly begin to feel resentful. Start telling her frequently that you appreciate what she does. Praise her ability to multitask and what a loving mother she is. Thank her for cooking, washing your clothes and picking up the kids when you have to work late. If your wife feels appreciated and knows that her efforts don’t go unnoticed, you’ll notice her feelings toward you grow warm and loving.

Spend Time Together
With all the demands of daily life, it can be difficult to find an opportunity to spend quality time together, leading to a disconnect and cooling feelings. Stay close and keep things hot by making time to give your full attention to your wife. Set aside 30 minutes a day to listen to her, rub her feet, cuddle or watch TV in bed. Schedule a weekly date night and plan something special and different every week. During your date, don’t talk about bills, kids or problems. Discuss future plans, dreams and feelings. Try to re-create the first days of your relationship to remind your wife of her initial ardor.
Do Your Part
Even if you and your wife have a full daily load of chores and responsibilities, she still needs to feel supported and taken care of. Take out the trash without being asked. Corral the kids for an hour so she can take a bath. Turn on her curling iron when you get up in the morning so it’s hot when she needs it. Little gestures that show you’re thinking of her will remind her that the two of you are a team and that she can depend on you to do your part.
Surprise Her
Even if your budget doesn’t allow for romantic weekend getaways, you can still find ways to keep your relationship exciting and your wife guessing. Send her flowers for no reason. Pack the kids off to your parents’ and set up an indoor picnic on the living room floor with champagne, candles and dinner. Pick her up from work and drive to the outskirts of your city. Watch the sun set or bring along your laptop and watch a romantic movie together. Feelings of excitement, even in a rocky marriage, can rekindle feelings of love and commitment.

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