Signs of Unhappy Married Women

Trouble Sleeping
According to a study presented to SLEEP 2008, a meeting of Associated Professional Sleep Societies, 50 percent of 3,000 women who were unhappy in their marriages suffered from sleeping ailments, such as insomnia. Wendy Troxel, a University of Pittsburgh psychologist, states that an unhappy marriage is a source of stress, thus leading to trouble sleeping. If a married woman is having trouble sleeping due to stress in the marriage, sleep specialist Donna Arand of the Kettering Hospital Sleep Disorders Center suggests seeking the help of a sleep specialist as well as a marriage counselor.
Reduced Intimacy
While times may occur when sexual intimacy is lacking, an unhappily married woman may withdraw from an emotional or physical relationship with her spouse. Stress levels in a relationship increase when the spouse wants sex but the woman does not. According to Health Guidance, women who are having intimacy troubles due to stress or unhappiness in a marriage may use counseling to see if the relationship can be repaired.
Lack of Communication
One of the key factors in a successful marriage is communication, and once that is lost, the chance of separation or divorce increases. If a married woman begins to withhold feelings, a lack of trust may develop between her and her husband. A lack of communication harms the marriage on many levels, especially emotionally, and the foundation of the marriage is likely to break down. According to Health Guidance, a couple who experiences a communication breakdown may have been dealing with it since the beginning of the relationship, yet did not understand it as it continued to become a problem. If issues with communication existed prior to marriage, it is likely that a lack of communication will become a major roadblock.

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