How to Tell If a Married Man Is Interested

Watch the man’s eyes. If you observe him making prolonged eye contact, this indicates his desire to know you on a deeper level. Catch him exploring your figure and you know he is fascinated by you. When you see him avoid eye contact and shift away from your gaze, chalk it up to indecision or a fear of intimacy with you. He may not be ready or available for more.
Notice how he listens to you when you speak. If you are getting both verbal and nonverbal feedback, this is a good sign of interest. Pay attention to his ability to stay on topic and ask questions about subjects you bring up. If he recognizes that he knows less about a subject than you do, you are definitely interesting to him and he feels comfortable with you. The more you find he listens and understand you, the more confident you can be that he is available.

Laugh and smile with him often. If he naturally smiles and laughs with you, you have caught his attention. Now if he tries to use his lips to do more than smile, the mystery is over. He is interested.
Greet him with a kiss on the cheek and watch how he reacts. If he seems pleased or responds warmly, he is coming your way. Later try to plant one on his forehead or hand. Look up and smile. The look on his face will give you your answer. The placement and the duration of the kiss is indicative of his interest.
Hug him and put your arms around him and see how he responds. The longer the hug lasts, the stronger his feelings for you are. In certain situations, he may put his arm around your shoulder or waist. This kind of contact is a sign of interest. A short, informal hug could be innocent, but a prolonged hug should be noted as affection.
Invite him to join you in an activity you plan to do. Do not phrase the offer as a yes or no question. Tell him you are planning to take a walk or jog on the beach tomorrow evening and think it would be fun to have him come along. A «Yes» opens the door for you to see how interested he really is.

Tips & Warnings
Beside these nonverbal cues, be aware of any gifts or favors he may offer. Jewelry, perfume, candy, dinners, clothing and other personal presents are signs of interest.
Seducing a married man can be dangerous and deadly if a jealous wife becomes obsessive or violent. Be aware that young children’s lives may be affected by the separation of their parents. They say all is fair in love and war, but do not create unnecessary casualties.

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