How to Recognize Flirting Body Language

On average a woman is more likely to express flirting signals then men do. If you want to know if a woman is interested in you, watch for these behaviors of flirting body language:
Flirting women might tend to look at you, but then quickly glance away. This is a signal of interest or admiration. Long gazes over her shoulder are also a sign of interest.
Also be aware of gestures using her hair, such as tossing her hair to expose a better view of her face or to draw attention to her neck shows attraction. An effort to smooth or preen her hair could also be one of her flirting signs to take notice of.
Look for other gestures from flirting women such as her moistening her lips; fiddling with cylindrical objects (such as pencils, fingers, wine-glass stems, lip stick cases, etc); sitting in a position where her inner thighs are exposed toward you; or twining one of her legs around the other.
If you see gestures like these directed toward you, this woman may be exhibiting flirting body language to express flirting signals towards you. But be aware that these actions may also be a result of habit, a position of comfort or even nervousness behaviors rather than flirting signs.

If you want to know if a man is expressing interest, look for these behaviors commonly expressed by flirting men:
Be aware of gestures of flirting body language in men who is smoothing or preen his hair. Other preening gestures to take notice as flirting signs from men are straightening his ties, brushing specks off of his shoulder, and fixing/smoothing his collar or shirt sleeves. A man who is interested in someone may also become clumsy, tongue tied or seem awkward.
Observe other male flirting signals that express interest, such as long gazes, or by striking a pose or sitting in a position intended to draw your attention to his genital area.
If you see flirting body language like these, this man may be exhibiting flirting signs of interest towards you. It is also possible that any of these actions that may be interpreted as flirting signals are behaviors of habit, nervousness or just random poses.
Take notice in direct physical contact such as stroking or brushing against any part of your body; resting their head on you or brushing their face against you; or placing their arm around your arm, your waist or your shoulders as these may be behaviors of flirting body language that express a desire of physical connection.

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