How to Stop Someone From Flirting With You

Ask the person directly to stop flirting with you. She simply may not realize you’re not interested. If you’re too vague in your request, she may get the wrong impression.
Be kind to the person. You can put your foot down without being nasty. This is especially important if the person who is flirting with you is someone who you have to see on a regular basis. You don’t want to burn bridges or create an awkward work, school or social setting.

Speak to your boss if the unwanted flirting is occurring at work. If you’ve asked the person to stop and he is still pursuing you, you may have a sexual harassment case. You may have to report the incidences to the Human Resources department.
Cut off all contact with the person if the flirting doesn’t cease. While it would be best to stay on good terms if possible, sometimes this isn’t an option. You may have to completely cut the person out of your life. Ultimately, your well-being is more important that maintaining the friendship.

Tips & Warnings
One great way to convey that you’re not interested in a person is to not react to their advances. Instead of laughing when they say something flirtatious, don’t respond at all. Try to not react negatively, either.
Keep a close eye on how the person is treating you. Innocent flirting is one thing, but if he starts to get aggressive or threatening, you may want to consider talking to the authorities. Simple flirting can sometimes escalate quickly into stalking, especially if the person becomes angry when asked to stop flirting. Call the police immediately if the person shows up at your house unexpected and unwelcome.

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