How to Flirt With a Girl on the Phone

Use your position to your advantage without mistaking it for a shield. Because you already have access to each other’s phone numbers, it takes some pressure off the situation. Communicating on the phone also takes focus off your physical appearance. Although girls can’t see you, they can «feel» what you’re saying. Smiling and laughing when flirting with girls shows off your confidence. Avoid negative posturing such as slumping your shoulders and rolling your eyes, as these actions overtake your flirtatious intentions.
Whisper compliments throughout the conversation. Comment on her smooth voice quality or her cute giggle. Tell her how interesting her hobbies are and how fashionably she dresses. Saying things in a low tone forces her to pay attention to you and makes her even more interested in what you’re saying. When she asks you if you said something, repeat your comments in an unmistakably confident manner.

Let music aid in your flirting. Find out her favorite songs during conversations and use them as background music during future chat sessions. Make sure the songs you play fall outside of your usual musical genre. When she asks why you’re listening to the music, tell her that if she likes the songs then they’re automatically on your favorites list. Play into her ego by asking her to sing for you. Even if she has no vocal talent, praise her for her efforts and try to get her to sing you to sleep.
Call her at random times just to say hello. Tell her that you don’t want to waste her time but, you just «had to hear her voice.» Keep these flirting sessions short by saying that you’re not trying to keep her from more important activities. Singing a few lines of her favorite song can also make her look forward to your next unexpected phone call.
Comment on your wish to see her in person. Tell her that «phone conversations are nice, but seeing her in person would be heavenly.» Compliment her features, including those that most guys fail to acknowledge. For example, if she already gets plenty of attention for her eyes, compliment her nose or lips.

Tips & Warnings
Work harder on days when she seems «down.» Making her laugh on these days could earn you major points with her. Vary your flirting approach to show that she’s worth more than a few casual lines.
Flirting should be enjoyable, not forceful or degrading. Apologize for anything she finds offensive and never attempt these behaviors with her again.

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