How to Approach a Girl at a Party

Before even going to the party, make sure your hygiene and clothing are presentable. Most girls will not waste their time with a guy who does not spend time grooming himself.
When you have spotted a girl who you are interested in, make eye contact with her and smile at her. This automatically lets the girl know that you have noticed her. If she looks away, laughs to her friends or does not smile back, chances are she is not interested, but if she smiles back, continue to step three.

After you receive the «I see you too» cue from the girl, it is time to approach her. Walk over to her calmly, standing straight up and with confidence because body language is key. When approaching her, make sure to only be looking at her. Don’t pretend to be waving at your friends or looking around at nothing. This looks weird and girls notice it. Stay completely focused on her.
Once you have approached the girl, start talking. Avoid a cheesy first line. Chances are, the girl whom you are approaching has already heard every line in the book,so be simple and just ask for a dance, if there is music. Example: Hi, my name is _______________, and I was wondering would you like to dance?
If you are still interested after the dance, ask her for her number.

Tips & Warnings
Since you are at a party, knowing how to dance is important but not necessary. If one girl turns down your offer to dance, it does not mean she does not like you. It simply means she was not interested in dancing with you. Move on to someone else and keep trying. The «I see you too» cue is: when a girl smiles at you or looks back at you as if she wants you to approach her. You will know if a girl gives you this cue because it is noticeable. Don’t be overly excited and do not use cheesy lines. Let the girl know you are interested by showing her, not telling her. Do not follow the girl around all night just because she gave you her number. Do not tell her your entire life story once you meet her. Here are a few ways to open up a conversation with a girl after you have already approached her: Tell her your name Tell her you like her outfit Ask her for a dance Tell her you’d been waiting to approach her all night
Bad breath and odor are instant turnoffs. Complimenting a girl is key, but do not over do it.

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