How to Get A Girls Number Almost Everytime

Get yourself together. You know you would like to get to know this girl a little better, and you may be shy, you may be nervous, or you may have been rejected before but on the outside you need to appear calm. Stuttering and nervousness rarely impress girls, I do say rarely some girls actually do like the very shy types. You are a nice guy right? She would be silly not to get to know you. You need a confident frame of mind.
Approach her. How you approach and greet her is just as important as anything at all you may say afterwards. Confidence and a smile impress most girls. The sleaze factor and pickup lines rarely impress girls and the pretty ones have heard nearly every line a thousand times. An easy natural smile will put most girls at ease, and a fake one will put them on alert, so be sure and practice this if you are the nervous sort. Eye contact is a big factor with as many girls as it is with men, so make eye contact. Again the sleaze factor is a big bad no-no so don’t look away and don’t stare a hole through her either. It’s a delicate balance but if you consider this a business meeting (sort of) where you are out to impress the client with your reliability and honesty and the fact you are an all round good guy, it can help find that balance.
It’s time to say something! No, it’s not time to say «Gimme your phone number so I can call you and breathe heavily into the phone». Instead something very casual, non-threatening and what is generally known as a conversation opener is called for. «It is a pretty day» well, maybe or «Oh what book are you reading?», «I just hate this rush hour crowd», «waiting in line for books is so boring» or anything your mind can come up with. From there you should really see if you can find common interests. Things to talk about are so nice especially since you want to get this girls phone number. Right here, if you have not impressed her as a sleaze, oddball, or she will often, though not always engage in casual conversation.
Now the ball is in your park and it’s time to get the girls number. Let’s say you found out while talking this girl likes things other than «quilting and hair dyes», in fact let’s hope so for your sake. You have a conversation going and there are things you like in common, books, movies, skating, or concerts it’s time to ask her if she would like to come to some activity with you, usually at some unnamed time. If she says yes, or maybe, then you can move right to the get the girl’s phone number stage. Usually you are pressed for time and don’t have the time for a date on the spot, even if the girl would agree. So it’s natural to say «I have to get to *class-meeting-dog grooming appointment* right now but, we could hook up when we both have time and do *insert activity*.» You exchange numbers. It is as simple as that. If it doesn’t work, then you have lost nothing and spent some pleasant time chatting casually with an attractive girl.
Tips & Warnings
Rinse and repeat. Speaking to strangers is not easy for some people, in fact it’s not easy for many people, but the more often you do it the more relaxed you become and the more confident. Girls are people too and every one of them is different. Maybe you don’t hit it off with the first four girls, but the fifth may well be a winner. If this girl has said no, it is most often not a personal rejection. It may be the wrong time. Try the next one.

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