How to Talk to a Random Girl in School

Wear nice clothes if you think you will have the opportunity to talk to her. You don’t have to wear a shirt and tie, but you shouldn’t wear sweat pants and a stained t-shirt either. Nice jeans and a clean, ironed shirt will do (See References 1 and 2).
Approach the girl by acknowledging her with a friendly smile and direct eye contact (See References 2).
Say something. Say anything. Be spontaneous. Don’t spend hours planning the perfect thing to say because it will usually sound rehearsed and timid. If you are in a class together, you could talk about the teacher or the subject. If you are on your way to gym, you could talk about sports. You could also compliment her. If she is wearing a band or TV show T-shirt, you could talk about the artist or show. Think of anything appropriate to say, then say it (See References 1).
Give her an opportunity to respond. Listen to her and focus on what she is saying (See References 2).
Continue the conversation by responding to what she said and then wait for her to answer. Do not worry about what you are saying. Just pretend you are talking to a buddy (See References 2).
Say goodbye when the conversation is ending naturally. Do not force the conversation to continue. If you know that you will run into her again because she is in a class or activity of yours or you walk past her in the hall every day, then simply say goodbye and wait to talk to her when you see her again. If this is one of just a few times you have ever seen her, then it is appropriate to ask her if she is on a social networking site such as Facebook or Myspace. Do not ask for her phone number just yet (See References 2).
Talk to her the next time you see her, whether in person or online. After you get to know her and you are talking somewhat regularly, then you could ask for her phone number or ask her on a date (See References 1).
Tips & Warnings
Even if you do everything right, she still might not like you. It is not your fault. Maybe you just didn’t click, maybe she is of a different sexual orientation, is already seeing someone, likes someone else or is simply not interested for some other reason. Be proud that you talked to her and find someone else you are interested in (See References 1 and 2).

How to Talk to a Random Girl in School
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