How to Start Conversations with Girls

Getting Started. First, size up the situation. Take in the whole room or area and observe what is going on around you. Is the girl alone or with friends? Does she seem pre-occupied with something? Note, interesting things around the area to use in conversation.
The Situation. Does she seem approachable? Or does she seem aloof or distant. Is she aware of your attention? If so, is she smiling, looking at you curiously, or glaring. Decide now if she is open to a friendly conversation. If so, move on to the following step.
Act Friendly. Approach the girl and extend your hand,introduce yourself and flash a friendly smile to melt the ice. A smile shows self confidence, positive attitude, and friendliness.
Eye Contact. Look Directly Into her eyes to show interest during the conversation. Looking away shows disinterest or that you are hiding something.
Questions. Ask questions about school, her job, or her interest. Or a question you’ve wondered about in general. At school ask about the name of the new teacher or where the chem lab is located. What ever comes to mind. At a party ask how long she has known the host or something
similar. Ask open ended questions which would require more
than a yes or no answer to keep the conversation flowing.
Flattery. Flattery works! Compliment her on her smile, eyes, hair, outfit. The flattery should be genuine and honest. Most girls or women know when you are telling
a lie.
Practice makes perfect. Practice talking to female family members. Have them give their opinions on your approach. Practice talking to a girl in front of a mirror. Check your moves and body language. Looking too bold? Lack confidence? Practice starting a conversation with a friend. Ask them for some honest feedback.

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