Friendship in movies OR Friendship and friends in movies

Friendship in movies — Friendship and friends in movies

There is a lot of ways which teach us what is friendship. Can we see one of the most widely spread communication way. Let see how friendships described and teaches in movies

1. Friends share common interest:

In most of the movies that we see related with friendship, all movies describes the friends as shareing some common interest between them. Saying so, what kind of interest they share. It may be anything silly to magnificiant. Lets take some flim for this article HARRY potter, LORD OF RINGS. these two movies got a recogonisation in entire world. Lets take Harry first. Harry has two friends,Ron ( Ronald Whiesly), Hermione Ganger. They are friends from its first episode where they share common interest named witchcraft. Being famous Harry gets lot of friends and also enemys but the friendship between these two are throught out story. Watch the movie and see how they share their interest when they face Draco Malfoy, Valdomote,Tom Riddle, Look how they share their common interest when they do amazing things like winning chess, correcting glasses. You can see their friendship in every scene of the movie. friends normally share common interest between themself not their own interest. They supress the own interest and reveals the common interest between them.

2. Friends make sacrifices:

A true friend will make sacrifice for sparing life of his/fer friends. Again the example was Harry and Ron, In its first episode we see Ron sacrifices himself in the game of whizard chess instead of Harry. That is friendship and true friendship will look ways to save friends. No matter what is the effect of the way, It never stands before them. In Lord Of Rings, To save ROGAN Arogon, and others sacrifices themself by defencing the walls of Rogan. Even after hard times by executed from country the allaince with the northen king comes with his army to protect his friend. This is friendship, even after friendship is lost, it helps friends.

3. Friendships withstands Great Obstracles.

Friendships Never run when there is obstracles. In flim World around 80 days Jackie chan Stands by his friend when they face problems which is in different form and different places. In Harry potter Eposide Ron and Ganger stands with Harry when they face obstracles and face them as group and help each other. True friendships which looks only friendship never sees the size of the obstracle but it looks solutions for that obstracle. In Lord of Rings episode Sam helps Frodo whenever he was in danger. He saves him from dangerous spider in dark. tries to save him when Gollum attacks him first and last. He Fights bravely without looking the problem.

4. Friends think about friendships:

Friends, They are the persons who never look who we are,what you do. They think about friendships and only friendship nothing more or less. They understand your needs without saying a single word. They interpret meanings for your actions. they think about your valuable friendships and how to build them more. In the movie which we are discussing about friendships(Harry Potter), in their first part, Hermoine Granger was avoided first by Ron but then also she will help Harry Potter and Ron, when they are caught in girls Bathroom when saving her from Trom. She replies Lucies Malfoy when he is commenting about Harry Potter( In Chamber of secrets). Granger will be always with Harry Potter and Ron through out the story trying to save their lives from monsters.

5. Friends are gifted with SMILE:

Smile, when you have friends your face will be brightened. The reason for that is your Smile. Smile will mesmerise others which can’t be overtook by any other objects in this world. A Smole of a new born gives happiness to the entire family, like that the smile of a friend or friends gives pleasure to the entire group.

Friends always treat you with smile. If we see Harry Potter(in chamber of secrets) Hemoine will return from hospital, Harry and Ron welcome her with their bright smile. In first part of Harry Potter episode Harry was welcomed by Ron and Hermoine with smile. When you see the smile in your friends face your heart will actually smile. The smile of your friends denotes you that they are happy without problem. When you are not seeing any smile on their face then a friends heart will cry and try to find solution for problem.

We can give lot of examples which can teach us the value of friendships in movies. Movies is the best teacher for every person. Yo don’t need to be a witch or win a chess or be a robot. Certainly you can find a lot of ways to be a friend. But the point is to be a friend and friends.

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