How to get my girl friend back?

How to get my girl friend back?

How to get my Girl friend back? This is a question which is in minds of millions who had breakup and thinking of the good times that they had with their ex girl friend. An empty mind is dangerous like devil and with a break up it pumps in lot of negative thoughts, dangerous ideas which can push us to the extreme of our lives. Mind pumps emptiness to our heart which makes things worse. When we think about good times which we had with our Ex Girl friend, we like to get her back in our life.

Below are some strategies which can help you to get your girl friend back.
Do not chase her

How many times you had gone to places where she visits regularly. How many phone calls or messages you sent to her continuously. These are the acts which you try to get her hack but, what you forgot is that these acts will chase her away from your lives. So do not chase her. A salesman will chase us to sell their products.Love is not a product for selling. If your girl friend is coming back to you then, it should not be through your selling but with her own will.
Self motivate yourself

Instead of chasing her to get her back, you work on yourself to motivate yourself. Try to list the strengths which attracted your ex-girlfriend before. Enhance those strengths which indeed enhances your personality. This also means taking on new interests or reconnecting with old friends or make new friends. Work on your weaknesses that made her to go away from you. To give an sample, if your ex-girlfriend complain about your weight just join a gym and work out on your weight. This could prove to her about you on how serious you are for her relationship.
Kill that negative emotions

When you face with a breakup with your Ex-girlfriend you will be experiencing a lot of hurt and heart attacks. Do not prolong those feelings; curb those negative feelings as early as possible. A prolonged negative emotion is fatal for you and will make you so depressed in the life. Try to gain some positive attitude. Motivate yourself by killing that negative emotions with a positive one. For an instance, you can write a long letter detailing on how the relationship started, how hurt you are when you had break-up etc. You can also write a lot other things which you like to express. But DO NOT send the letter to her, instead burn that. This will release the negative emotions which you encounter due to the break-up
Practice on how to appreciate yourself

One way to curb negative emotions and self motivate yourself is to appreciate yourself on all the good things happened in your life. Start your day with a list of important things what you still need to do, end your day by appreciating on the things which you completed that day. This will self motivate you a lot. Remember that your parents still care you, friends will give shoulders for you at any time. Always say this loud. This will make you have positive outlook and when your ex-girlfriend see you, she will see a new positive man not the old negative man.
Be open to dating again

Never quit your social circle after your break-up, this way you can be social and will be ready for another date. Who knows where your next girl be?. Remember when you socialize you remove your negative thoughts and you will believe in yourself. Don’t think that accepting social invitations means you started eyeing the next girl, it is one way of being open and getting ready for your next date. It could be another way to get introduced to that cute girl introduced by your friends. Flirt with her and get her phone number. Who knows what’s in store for you after the break-up, so be open.

You might be wondering why the complete article deals with how to curb negative emotions and how to increase your positive attitude of yours. That’s because when your ex-girlfriend sees you again she must not see the same old negative guy. She must see a new positive man. This will attract her and you will get her back.

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