10 Hottest Indian Models

The 10 hottest Indian models have an exotic look can be very hard to deny. From Bollywood actresses to New Delhi fashion show models, it seems like every time you turn on the TV you’re hearing more and more about Indian women. Whether you admire them or not, you do have to admit that they have their own «look.» Here’s a look at ten of the hottest female Indian models.

Amrita Thapar. You know you’ve made it when you represent India t the Miss Universe pageant. Not only does she look great in a bikini, but her accomplishments are just as attractive as her waistline. When she’s not strutting her stuff and looking pretty, she is also a painter, orator, fashion designer, and a stylist.
Sunny Leone. Sunny is the model of a special variety… the pornographic kind. However, she is chosen not because she has the ability to spread her legs, but her exotic look consisting of olive-light skin, deep-brown hypnotic eyes, and her bra-busting breasts. Penthouse took notice of this when they made her Penthouse Pet of the Year in 2003.
Amin Dhillon. It’s unfair to say she has «the girl next door» look, when what we really want say about Amin is «the girl we wish was next door!» This Indian model is also an author, and Miss India Worldwide Canada 2010.
Mallika Sherawa. Quite famous as a sex symbol, Mallika got her start as a model before starting an extensive career in Bollywood. Her lips seem to have a magnetic attraction.
Ghazal Srivastava. Although a newcomer, Ghazal is already attracting quite a bit of attention. As hot as she is in her native attire, it’s no surprise.
Padma Lakshmi. How can you have in article about ten of the hottest Indian models around, and not mention Padma. With an impressive resume consisting of modeling, book writing, and Hollywood roles, it’s no wonder billionaires flock to Padma.
Shivani Kapoor. Starting her modeling career early, Shivani makes it no secret that were true passion is to sing. Whether she makes it or not, she still hot.
Julie Titus. Named after the play «Romeo and Juliet,» Julie Titus amazing good looks easily makes our list.
Pooja Kumar. Being crowned Miss India USA is already a pretty strong affirmation of just have darn good looking she is. Trying to describe her kind of «hot» is best left to photographs.
Deepika Padukone. What a great way to start the year with her birthday on January 5. Before moving on into acting, she got her start in modeling. With her enticing facial features and olive-light skin, Deepikas’ future is full of opportunities, including the attention of a lot of men.

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