10 Most Beautiful American Women

Don’t taze us bro! — We are only going to 10 Most Beautiful American women because that’s what our boss limited us to, not because that’s all there are. In fact, we’re kind of annoyed that we have to weed these chicks down so much. Either way, lay back, grab some lotion and Google these names for a fun time.

Eva Longoria. Luscious Mexican-American beauty Eva Longoria played the sexiest castmember on “Desperate Housewives”. However, this petite babe said she’d always been considered the ugly unlucky one in her Texas family. We don’t know what went wrong, but it’s obvious which sister is having the last laugh.
Beyoncé Knowles. Putting curvy women of color on the map, Mrs. Carter is another beautiful American woman who belongs on this list. Creole, decadent and hardworking, Beyonce’s style team only adds to her appeal, as her natural beauty is quite evident.
Kim Kardashian. Sex tape scandal aside, Kim Kardashian is the erotic fodder of many fantasies. Her soft spoken attitude, hot tits and sexy blowjob lips make us extremely jealous of any man who has his way with her behind closed doors (if she actually performs better without a camera on her).
Katy Perry. California beauty Katy Perry makes this list because we all have a little thing for the sexy girl next door. Quirky, original and cute, Perry’s not afraid to tell us she kisses girls or admit she changes her mind as much as she changes clothes.
Nichole Scherzinger. How couldn’t Nichole Scherzinger be one of the most beautiful women in the world, let alone America? Russian-Hawaiian beauty Scherzinger is the lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls and is more flexible than a slinky. Forget her singing, can we watch her practice her Downward Dog during a yoga session?
Angelina Jolie. Before there was Megan Fox, there was Angelina Jolie. Megan might use a little cosmetic surgery to make the hot babe lists on Maxim, but Jolie’s action-packed tricks and stunts in movies is only a small feat compared to the wild, crazy and downright psycho things she’s known for in real life (such as blood pacts with ex-hubby Billy Bob Thornton). Brad Pitt’s babymama is nothing to play with – but she does have a soft side and is great with kids!
Kerry Washington. Kerry Washington is a beautiful Black American actress whose lips make you hard on sight. Sumptuous mocha skin and a dazzling smile, she’s a chocolate lover’s dream of the girl next door.
Tera Patrick. Tera Patrick’s sex appeal is so natural she had a supermodel’s career in her teens before retiring to porn. She’s one of America’s most beautiful women because she’s sexually liberated, sexually appealing, highly intelligent, spirited and well, pretty damn hot with nice knockers.
Demi Moore. One of America’s most beautiful women is also one of the country’s most beautiful MILFs. Mrs. Ashton Kutcher is so damn hot she’s stepped her own husband’s swag up with her mere presence. Whether she’s rocking a pole in “Striptease” or bald as an eagle in “GI Jane”, Demi Moore is a valid cougar for our list.
Christina Hendricks. Red-headed Christina Hendricks’ voluptuous beauty keeps us glued to “Mad Men” even though we know better. But it’s been worth it. Her porcelain skin and pristine features are polished and beautiful. All hail the ginger kids!

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