10 Beautiful Hispanic Women

Here are 10 beautiful Hispanic women we love to stare at on Chickipedia. Ranging from the beautiful and sultry Salma Hayek to slim and sexy Christina Aguilera, these beautiful Latin lovelies appeal to a range of tastes. Can you handle all that flavor?

Salma Hayek. Mexican actress Salma Hayek has the sexiest body and the most beautiful face ever. She’s one of the most beautiful Hispanic women and also one of the most talented and beautiful Hispanic actresses as well. Her scene in “Dusk ‘Til Dawn” taught us a new way to look at snake charming.
Eva Mendes. “Hitch” actress Eva Mendes is like a Hispanic Cindy Crawford. She looks like your average girl-next-door, but at the same time her eyes seem to hold an erotic secret you have to work to uncover. We’re up for the challenge.
Rosario Dawson. Puerto Rican Rosario’s thick rosy lips and inviting smile are hard to ignore, but that’s okay. As long as she continues showing skin and taking on roles that make use of her natural beauty, we’ll always be first in line at every flick this beautiful Hispanic woman stars in.
Adriana Lima. Brazilian women usually don’t consider themselves Hispanic, but for the sake of generalization, exceptions will be made for Adriana Lima. Tom Brady’s sexy wife and baby’s momma, Lima’s aqua eyes have an erotically unnerving stare that makes her the ultimate Victoria’s Secret model.
Somaya Reece. Somaya Reece is tall, thick and curvy. An entrepreneur, model and rapper, Reece uses every ounce of Mexican bounce to keep our eyes glued to every photoset she drops.
Christina Aguilera. Many people weren’t aware, but yes, Christina Aguilera is Hispanic. The Staten Island native’s father was born in Ecuador, and we thank him for his beautiful donation to our list.
Christina Milian. The Dream’s Cuban wifey C. Milian knows how to “dip it low” and how to bang a man into submission. As soon as those divorce papers are signed, we’re coming for you mamita!
Zoe Saldana. Zoe Saldana is the hottest Dominican actress in Hollywood. With appearances in “Avatar” and “Star Trek”, Saldana knows how to use her sexy Hispanic flava to steal every scene.
Danica Ramirez. “Heroes” actress Danica Ramirez is a beautiful Hispanic women we can’t keep our eyes off. Sexy and sweet, we’d love to hear her accent as in the more erotic throes of passion.
Jennifer Lopez. Bronx native JLo’s beauty and booty took her from dancing on “In Living Color” to becoming one of the top Hispanic actresses and entertainers in history. The Puerto Rican beauty’s love for entertainment made her a diva to be respected before settling down with Marc Anthony.

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