10 Hottest Baseball Players’ Wives

Who are the ten hottest baseball player wives? Most athletes have cute significant others. Baseball players are no different. Baseball player wives are some of the hottest women around. so, choosing the ten hottest baseball players’ wives isn’t an easy task. With so much beauty to choose from, how do you pick? What makes one baseball player’s wife hotter than the next? Personal preference guys, personal preference. Some of you may not think the girls on this list are the hottest of the baseball wives, but you’ll all agree that these women are smoking hot. Here are the ten hottest baseball players’ wives.

Anna Benson. The wife of Kris Benson. What’s not to like about this brunette beauty. Apparently, she has a bit of a temper on her. But with a body like that, you want to be on her too. And so do you. And you. And you.
Lisa Posednik. Ummm yeah, Scott Posednik is a stronger man than most. One look at her and you’d wonder how Scott could leave home for away games. She’s a former playmate. Yum. This means men across the world can get a good look at her goods. And boy are they good.
Diana Roberts. She’s Brian Roberts’ significant other. She’s also the reason men around the world can’t stand Brian Roberts. Brian, if you’re reading this, men hate you, they hate you! Diana Roberts is Swedish and Italian. A blends that created the perfect mix.
Kelly Bartlett. The wife of Jason Bartlett is like the girl next door. The extremely hot gil next door that you’d give your left testicle to sleep with. Seriously. She’s that hot. Her beautiful eyes could hypnotize and her smile could melt you. Her body is a beast not worth discussing if you can’t relieve yourself this very minute.
Juliana Ramirez. Yes, she’s the wife of Manny Ramirez. He may not be the easiest baseball player to get along with, but his baseball wife is a knock out. She looks like some great artistic master painted her. yet another reason the White Sox are better than the Cubs in 2010. She’s simply wow.
Alejandra Tejada. The best catch in baseball isn’t necessarily on the field. This chick could be a model. Oh wait, she is. Miguel Tejada’s wife has a stronger kick than any steroid could possibly have. Look up sexy in the dictionary and you won’t just see her face. A full body shot is also necessary.
Heidi DeRosa. Words can not describe this baseball player wife, model, goddess. Here’s a lesson for you kids out there. You want a hot wife? Play some baseball.
Mia Hamm. Yes Mia Hamm. She’s married to Garciaparra. What makes her one of the hottest baseball wives ever? She was doing her thing long before she hooked up with a slugger. She’s damn beautiful.
Deidre Pujols. She’s easily the most impressive home run Albert ever hit. She has a classic beauty unmatched by the others on this list. Her long beautiful hair, amazing eyes, and fruit like lips make her something to see.
Farrah Lester. Her body looks like it could break you in half. She’s super solid and super sexy. No wonder baseball players work out so hard. They’ve got to be in shape for their ladies. Exploring her body would be the dream of any man lucky enough to see her.

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