10 Hottest Soccer Player Wives

Soccer players are generally rich and in pretty good shape so it is not surprising that there are many women who could claim to be among the 10 hottest soccer players wives. In Europe, soccer players are more famous than sports stars in the U.S. because soccer is the main sport and so the hottest women try to win the hearts of the most famous players.

Lorena Bernal. She is married to Everton midfield maestro Mikel Arteta and he is a very lucky fellow. Tall, tanned, dark haired and stunningly beautiful she must be the hottest players wife.
Adelina Elisei. She is married to Romanian soccer’s brightest star, Christian Chivu but like many of the hottest soccer player’s wives she is also a star in her own right. She is one of the biggest pop stars in Romania and has legions of fans.
Louise Redknapp. She was a young pop star in England while he was trying to do his best to prove to everyone else that he was as good a soccer player as he thought he was. He may have failed to make the mark for England but he bagged one of the hottest soccer players wives.
Clio Pajczer. You do not have to be the best soccer player to get a hot wife, as Boudewijn Zenden proved when he married model Clio Pajczer. She looks like she will have more staying power than his soccer career had.
Claudine Palmer. Spurs striker Robbie Keane evidently wasn’t impressed with the hottest women in England so he returned to the Emerald Isle to find a wife. It wasn’t hard to spot Palmer, a sexy blonde model and the two lived happily every after.
Alessia Merz. Like many Italian TV presenters, Alessia is hot and fond of nudity which is good news for men everywhere. The happiest man though is Fabio Bazani, another barely known soccer player with a hot wife.
Nives Celzijus. She is married to Croatian star Dino Drpic but as one of Croatia’s hottest pop stars she is more famous than him. Her dark hair and large breasts make her the best catch along the Adriatic.
Adrian Karembeu. She is a hot Finnish super model and her husband was a World Cup winner with France. Quite a successful couple you might say but he must be the happier of the two because he is not a looker.
Helen Svedin. She is from Sweden, if her last name didn’t already give it away and guess what? She is a model. Luis Figo was one of the biggest soccer stars of the last decade and she is his biggest prize.
Victoria Beckham. She is no longer a spice girl but she is still very much in the public eye as Mrs David Beckham. Posh spice, as she is commonly known, is a fashionista who is one of the most stylish soccer player wives.

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