10 Hottest NFL Players’ Wives

Finding the 10 hottest NFL players’ wives is as about as easy as getting 50 yard line tickets to the Superbowl. With success and money comes the opportunity to meet simply gorgeous women. NFL players have success, they have money, so their chances of meeting those beautiful women are very high. NFL players’ wives are some of the most beautiful women in the world so choosing the hottest NFL players’ wives isn’t going to be easy. There’s definitely more than ten hot NFL players’ wives out there to choose from. You may not agree that the women on this list are the hottest NFL players’ wives, but you will agree that they are hot. So here they are. Here are the hottest NFL players’ wives.

Theodora Polamalu. Her last name may be hard to pronounce, but she sure isn’t hard to look at. Or stare at for that matter. The wife of Troy Polamalu is a stone cold knock out. With beautiful eyes, very defined cheekbones, and a set of legs that’ll drive any man wild, you’ll wonder why Troy doesn’t spend more time tackling her.
Jessica Simpson. Yeah, yeah. Technically she’s not married. But she will be. As of November 2010, she’s engaged to Eric Johnson. You all know how beautiful she is. And eventually she will be one of the hottest NFL players’ wives out there.
Shola Branch. She’s short, brown and beautiful. The wife of Deon Branch brings more than just good looks to the table. She has a big heart as well. She works with her husband’s charitable organization. On November 12th 2010, the organization donated ten grand to children in Seattle. Philanthropy is sexy.
Katina Taylor. Jason Taylor’s significant other is one of those beautiful kind of ladies that anyone would want to tackle. Who says athletes aren’t smart? Mr Taylor has a ‘Ph.d’… A «pretty hot dime piece» of a wife.
LaTorsha Tomlinson. If you had a wife this fine, maybe you could rush for crazy yards every game. The girl is bad. She’s definitely more than a trophy.
Brande Rodericke. Blondes probably do have more fun, especially if they look this good. She’s got a body that looks as if Michelangelo sculpted it. Her eyes, beautiful. Her smile, perfect. Her husband, Glenn Cadrez, lucky.
Kelli Croyle. Just beautiful. She’s the type of woman that you fantasize about asking out, but you never do. You sit back and just wish she could be yours. Yeah, that’s how hot this NFL players’ wife is. Good job Brodie Croyle, good job indeed.
Janelle Winslow. She has the exclusive rights to the words «wow», «gorgeous», and about sixteen other words that have to do with beauty. Kellen Winslow may make the big bucks in the league, but you all know what his real treasure is. Talk about a perfect ten.
Kendra. Ms. Wilkinson if ya nasty. Yes, the beautiful Kendra Wilkinson is betrothed to Hank Baskett. You guys have to know who she is. She’s a reality show princess and one of Hef’s former bunnies.
Carmella Decesare. She IS the hottest of the NFL players’ wives. She won the playmate of the year award in 2004. She is beauty incarnate. Hell, her pinky toe is probably sexier than most other women on the planet. Oh, and guess who nabbed her? Way to go Mr. Jeff Garcia. You give unattractive guys everywhere a lot of hope.

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