10 Most Beautiful Bottoms In The World

The 10 most beautiful bottoms in the world belong to sexy sirens with perfectly formed cheeks that men would die for. There are many hot women in the world but a a nice butt can make or break them. They come in all shapes and sizes but there can be no mistaking these ten beautiful butts.

Ashley Harkleroad. She may not win many plaudits for her tennis skills but American athlete Ashley Harkleroad has one of the most beautiful bottoms in the world. The sexy brunette posed nude for «Playboy» and the shots of her butt in that all too short skirt did wonders for her star profile.
Jessica Alba. The woman has it all; fame, fortune, boobs, pretty face and she also has a beautiful bottom. The bombshell is one of Hollywood’s hottest stars and even if the movie career doesn’t last she can fall back on her lovely bottom.
Jessica Biel. Another Jessica and another top quality bottom. Tall, dark haired and well proportioned, Jessica is a paparazzi favorite when she wears cheek hugging bikini bottoms. You will struggle to find a better butt than hers.
Kylie Minogue. One time Aussie Soap-star, Kyle Minogue has a bottom that more than makes up for her otherwise petite frame. The Aussie singing star loves to wear outfits that are barely there and her best asset is usually prominently featured in her music videos.
Hilary Swank. She is one of the most respected actresses in Hollywood, but one of area of her does not get the attention it deserves: her beautiful bottom. Hilary stays in shape and her tight butt is shapely enough to seduce most men with one glance.
Rhianna. The singer has been in the headlines a lot over the last few years due to personal problems but when those things settle down she is sure to remain in peoples hearts and minds due to her butt. Some beautiful shots of her bottom reflected in a mirror have been doing the rounds on the Internet and they are sure to become popular screen savers.
Kerri Walsh. Probably the tallest woman on the list and her bottom may be the smallest and most muscular but it is of the highest quality. It helps to have a beautiful rear end if you play a sport that involves wearing tiny outfits and bending over and Walsh does not disappoint.
Jenna Jameson. When your career has been built upon having sex and being photographed naked then the chances are that you have a great butt and Jameson does not disappoint. The porn star has a perfectly proportioned bottom and is more than willing to show it to anyone who wants to see it.
Eva Longoria. The star of «Desperate Housewives» has all the right curves to attract male admirers. She is one of the older women on the list but quality bottoms are ageless and hers will be around for a long time to come.
Heather Morris. Long before taking on the role of «Britney Spears» on «Glee» Heather Morris was a dancer known for having a beautiful bottom. She has blossomed into one of the sexiest stars on TV and her butt is likely to take her a long way.

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