10 Hot Latina Models

These 10 hot Latina models are so sexy your head will spin. Known for sexy eyes, soft skin and the most sensual lips ever, latina girls have bodies full of luscious curves that won’t quit and lots of spice and attitude to supplement it! Here’s 10 hot Latina babes you’d love to love.

Sagia Castaneda. Sexy Sagia Castaneda is a Lebanese/Cuban model from Miami, Florida. She’s most known and seen on Cuban rapper Pitbull’s album covers and in almost all of his videos. She’s petite, curvy and drop-dead sexy. Ay mami!
Nayer. Another Miami, Florida babe, hot Latina model Nayer’s a literal bombshell. Babygirl is so freakin’ hot you’d swear one more step would be all it takes to make her explode. She’s also seen in a lot of Pitbull’s videos and sings as well.
Vida Guerra. Latina model Vida Guerra was discovered based off a pic of her tight buns sent to «Maxim» by her ex-boyfriend. Boy are we grateful homeboy knew that sharing was caring, because she’s been hitting magazine covers for everyone from «Black Men» to «FHM» since.
Gloria Velez. One of the most revered urban Latina models of all time, hot Latina model Gloria Velez was as big as Melyssa Ford in her heyday. Despite her longtime run in the industry, Velez’s 38DD breasts and thick shape make her an undisputed veteran nobody tires of.
Jessica Rabbit. Jessica Rabbit, or Ms. Rabbit, is a Texan-bred, Mexican/white beauty. She’s got dreamy hazel eyes, double-D cup breasts and a sexy figure. Don’t step too close now! Babygirl is all about her business and you might just get hurt if you come too close.
Rosa Acosta. Dominican beauty Rosa Acosta is one of the largest wavemakers in the modeling scene. This hot Latina model, who has been featured in many hip-hop videos, has extensive training as a ballerina from a young age, making her extremely flexible and sexy to think about.
Vaness Posso. Colombian Vanessa Posso is rumored to have held affairs with rapper Fabolous. Nobody knows or cares, but this dark, lusty Latina model has a banging body with sultry lips, sexy dark skin and petite curves that don’t quit. Even better, her mom’s a MILF too. And you know what they say: If you want to know what your girl will look like in the future… look at her mama. We’re a-lookin’ and we’re a-likin’. . .
Jesikah Maximus. Jesikah Maximus is another hot Latina model whose looks set us on fire. Muy caliente, Always on the latest special of «SHOW Magazine», Maximus is too hot to quit. She’s the reason we don’t mind allowing Mexico to export some goods here.
Candace Cabrera. «Flavor of Love 3» hottie and winner Candace Cabrera is often compared to former winner Hoopz and even Jesikah Maximus. Although they’re all hot women, we con’t see enough of a similarity to draw a strong comparison. Either way, Cabrera is another sexy hot Latina model to look out for.
Jessica Burciaga. Sexy hot Latina model Jessica Burciaga is all that. Thick lips, luscious body and feminine attitude make her stand apart from the crowd. She’s been featured in «SHOW Magazine» alongside Jesikah Maximus, and the two have had the longest running covers with that publication. Check her out and thank us later.

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