10 Hottest Asian Naked Women

If you love your ladies exotic, then you’ll eat up this list of the 10 hottest Asian naked women. These Asian naked women are known the world over for their many talents, whether it be singing, acting or just having a rocking body. With this list of the 10 hottest Asian naked women, you’ll realize why the continent is responsible for some of the sexiest ladies on Earth.

Christine Mendoza. This buxom Filipino model is one of the hottest Asian naked women to be working in the import modeling scene. Born in the Philippines, she quickly rose to fame due to her naturally tan skin, engaging eyes and perfect body, She’s also been known to regularly contribute her talents for a number of charities, giving her a heart of pure gold.
Brandy Grace. Another girl from the import scene, this Korean-American beauty is one of the hottest Asian naked women with some amazing breasts to complement her slim waist. More so than showing off her goods next to tricked-out cars, she’s famous for being one of the most popular «Playboy Cyber Girls Of The Week.» Thank you, Brandy, for justifying having an internet connection.
Nonami Takizawa. This Japanese beauty is one of the most famous gravure models in the country. Her DVDs and photo books have been making men drool for years, thanks to her milky white skin, innocent gaze and amazing boobs. This aesthetic has made her a sensation that we wish would eventually make her way stateside.
Natasha Yi. This Korean-American model has seen her share of screen time, having played supporting roles «Rush Hour 2,» «Cradle 2 The Grave,» and «The Rundown.» She’s also the very first Asian model to be featured on «The Price Is Right» as a showcase girl. All of these combined make her one of the most multi-talented Asian naked women ever.
Jessica Gomes. This smoking hot mix of Chinese, Portuguese and Singaporean heritages is one of the hottest Asian naked women that you might not have heard about, but definitely seen. She’s been in the «Sports Illustrated» swimsuit issue, advertisements for DKNY Jeans, Urban Outfitters, and Levi’s, just to name a few. She was also the subject of a sensual commercial for P. Diddy’s «Unforgiveable» fragrance.
Maria Ozawa. This lovely French Canadian-Japanese lady is the star of Japan’s adult entertainment industry. Behind the many pixels, we know for a fact that she has one of the best bodies in the entire world. There have been rumors that she’s trying to bring her talents stateside, and we can only hope that they are true.
Misa Campo. This import modeling darling hails from Toronto and is a seductive mix of Dutch and Filipino descent. Her lustful eyes, perfect hips and amazing breasts have captivated men for ages. Her slightly-goofy Canadian accent adds a sort of down-to-Earth quality to her, solidifying her perfection.
Chelsea Co. Originally born in Tokyo but residing in Los Angeles, this beauty has some of the biggest boobs on this list, and they’re all natural too! She’s a fixture in the Japanese glamour world and is slowly making her mark in US-based print media. Hopefully, she’ll find herself between the pages of «Playboy.»
Briana Lee. This Chinese-Italian lovely lady seems to have it all: large breasts, a killer smile and smooth olive skin. Though she’s a fixture within the import circuit, she has a plethora of nude photos on her personal website, easily solidifying her as one of the hottest Asian naked women ever.
Miri Hanai. This Japanese gravure model may be small in stature, but she definitely isn’t lacking in the boobs department. In fact, many of her photo books and DVDs involve her bending over or placing her twins on top of objects in order to accentuate them. Her disproportionate, yet still enjoyable, measurements make her one of the hottest naked Asian women out there.

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