How To Sweet Talk Women

Have you ever wondered how to sweet talk women? Sweet talking a woman can help you score some points with her if you know exactly what to say. There are certain things that women love to hear when being sweet talked by a real man.

First of all, drop the corny lines and say what you are feeling and thinking. Women hate having a man come up and say something like, «Your eyes are so bright, they light up the whole room.» Men, this does not constitute sweet talk, and she isn’t going to fall for it, so don’t try it.
When you are meeting a woman for the first time, walk up to her and introduce yourself. If she’s interested in you, she will respond back to you. Then you can take it from there and see how the conversation goes. Don’t open up with sweet talk right away; like a bad pickup line, that will just seem inappropriate.
After you have gotten to know her a bit, you can then sweet talk her into just about anything your—well, let’s just say heart—desires. Catch my drift yet guys? You can say things like, «What kind of perfume are you wearing; that smells really great.» If she’s gotten a haircut recently, let her know you have noticed by telling her, «I love your new look, it looks great.»
Offer to take her out to lunch or dinner, your treat of course. Let her know you’re serious by saying that money is no object, and that she can order whatever her heart desires. Women love when a man tells her to order whatever she likes on a menu from her favorite restaurant. They always say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach; well, the same can be said about women and their favorite restaurants.
Most successful sweet talk is based on compliments. For instance, women also like to be told they look great in certain outfits, so by all means, if she looks good in a tight pair of jeans, tell her.

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