Things That Turn Girls On

Every guy wants to know the things that turn girls on. There’s really no mystery as to what may attract a woman to you. There are things you can learn and things you can do to make yourself more appealing to girls. Most of them are common sense, but they may not have crossed your mind, or maybe you didn’t take them seriously enough. Check out the tips below if you’re looking to learn what turns girls on.

Make them laugh. Girls love a sense of humor, and if you can make them laugh you have at least half the battle won. Girls love a man with a sense of humor. If you are not a funny person yourself, don’t try to amuse them with silly knock-knock or elephant jokes. You can still maintain your own sense of humor by laughing at her jokes.
Practice good grooming. Even if you do all the other things that turn girls on, bad grooming will knock you out of the game in a hurry. Keep your hair combed and your facial hair shaved or trimmed. Keep your body clean and wear some «smell good.» However, don’t go overboard on the cologne; keep it subtle. Be sure you wear nice clean clothing in good repair. Also, if you are out of shape, you should get into shape. They better you look, the more that turns girls on.
Have confidence. Have confidence in yourself, but not to the point of being cocky. Overconfidence may make girls think you are full of yourself (and maybe something else).
Always be honest with girls. If they sense you are lying, you will turn them off. Most girls have likely already been through enough lies and won’t start over again with you.
Focus on her. Don’t be all about you. Find out who she is and what she likes. She’ll let you know when it’s time to talk about you.
If all else fails, play guitar. John Mellencamp said it best when he said to forget about all that other stuff and learn how to play guitar. If you’ve tried all the other things that turn girls on, learn to play music and you’ll get their attention more often than not.

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