10 Signs That She Likes You

Looking for 10 signs that she likes you? If you know what to look for, there are definite signs that can tell you whether a girl likes you. A girl can be hard to read, yet very simple at the same time. Look for the signs early on and you will be sure to know if she likes you or not.

There is something special in her smile. When she smiles at you, you will be able to see that twinkle in her eye. A girl can let you know quickly by the type of smile she gives you if she likes you.
Her body language shows she likes you. An obvious, old-time flirtation is kidding and playing with each other; she is letting you into her bubble of space. If she is smacking, pushing or leaning into you, she probably really likes you.
The tone in her voice is sexy, sweet or exited. When you talk to her, see if she is trying to sound seductive, really sweet and innocent, or plain-out excited to hear from you. If she didn’t like you, she wouldn’t want to hear from you.
She is obviously sexually attracted to you. Most women cannot differentiate between the emotional aspects of sex and the physical. Usually the two go hand in hand, so if she is showing some serious chemistry toward you, she likes you.
She looks back when you drop her off. If she doesn’t tell you goodnight and zoom in her door, she might not want the night to end. If she wasn’t into you, she wouldn’t be able to get in the house fast enough.
She calls or texts you the next day. Alright, why would a girl call or text you the day after the date if she didn’t want to see you again? She wouldn’t, so if you hear from her, she wants to see you again.
Her conversation turns from informal and small talk to personal and intimate. Most women don’t let their skeletons out of the closet and wait to see how close they get to someone before spilling their guts. If she is letting you know the details of her personal life, she really likes you.
She is willing to let the dates last longer than originally planned. If a girl isn’t interested while on a date, she is more than likely going to be itching to get home and away from you. If you notice her stalling and trying to do a few extra things, then she doesn’t want your time together to end.
She asks about your family. No girl in her right mind is going to get serious with a guy without finding out about his family. If you notice her asking tons of questions about your mom, take it as a compliment. She is preparing herself for when she gets to meet them.
She tells you all the mistakes previous guys have made. If she tells you what every man has done wrong in her life, she is letting you know not to make the same mistakes. It is her way of saying she likes you and wants to move forward.

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