How To Get A Girl To Be Your Girlfriend

You like a girl and think she is cute, but it seems the only thing left is to find out how to get a girl to be your girlfriend. Many questions swirl in your mind- does she likes me? How will I ask her out? Will she say no? You will never find out until you take a chance read on to after the girl you want.

Become her friend. For you to get a girl to be your girlfriend, it may take the girl awhile to become at ease around you. Treat her as a friend first and do not initiate anything sexual. Eventually the more time she spends around you, the attraction can increase. In addition, do minor things for the girl, help her with groceries or pick her up from work. These little things shows you are caring and dependable may lead her into thinking of you on a romantic level.
Look presentable. Guys may be visual creatures and love the physical beauty of a woman, but women do too. If you want your woman to become your girlfriend, try to dress nice, wear cologne, and keep your hair well trimmed. Girls love a nice dressed man they can happily walk in public by their side instead walking two feet ahead as if she does not know you.
Keep your cool. It is natural to feel nervous asking a girl to be your girlfriend because you do not know the outcome. Try not to let your nerves show and think, what can be very worse, besides her saying no? Be confident and feel confident and the universe will work in your favor.
Ask her out. Do not flat out say, will you go out with me, say ‘you are a beautiful person and you are the type of girl that I will love to be romantically with, will you be my girlfriend?’ On the other hand, go to her house with flowers and express your feelings. Wait for s response, if she says yes; rejoice in getting a new girlfriend. If not, realize it is not the end of the world, and maybe one day, she may reconsider her decision and be your girlfriend.

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