How To Look Mysterious And Attractive To Your Ex

Are you wondering how to look mysterious and attractive to your ex? Even if the relationship is over, it’s good to maintain your mystique and charm. If you have any suspicions you might reconcile one day, keep her wanting you from afar.

Maintain contact. The first order of business when you want to look mysterious and attractive to your ex is to maintain contact. After all, if you’re not a part of her life, she won’t see how wonderful you are. The trick is not to bombard her. Since you aren’t a significant part of her life, let her see and hear from you in small doses. Be friendly, kind and upbeat. You might want to show up where you know she goes, but only do this from time to time. If you always end up in the same place as your girl, you will not be mysterious or attractive to your ex. More than anything, she will think either you are a stalker or a pain.
Don’t give it all away. Part of being mysterious and attractive to your ex is not giving it all away. When you see or talk to her, be careful about going into monologues about what you’ve done. You can mention where you went if it’s a hip hangout, but there’s no need to talk about making out with the chick you picked up. Your job is to present yourself in the best light and always leave her wondering what really happened. Women are intrigued by mysterious, attractive men!
Keep the focus on her. If you keep the focus on her, you will look mysterious and attractive to your ex. Without prying, ask questions about what she’s been doing. You want to appear aloof but interested. Don’t ask about who she’s been with, because you don’t want to seem jealous. Do appear to be interested in how she’s doing. When the focus is on her, you remain mysterious and attractive to your ex. If she asks questions about what you’ve been up to, give brief answers, or don’t answer at all.
Behave well. No matter what your ex says and no matter what she does, always behave well. If you’re trying to look mysterious and attractive to your ex, always put your best foot forward. Your behavior is as important as your physical appearance. If you’re trying to get back into your ex’s life, you want to make good impressions and show her that you care. If you truly want you ex back, you have to be mysterious and attractive which means being a gentleman, eating a bit of crow if necessary, and knowing how to take a joke.

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