How To Pick Up Women In Clubs

When you’re out with your friends and having a great time enjoying the local nightlife, you know you can only make the time better if you know how to pick up women in clubs. Most men are intimidated by the loud music, sweaty crowds and general inability to get some quality alone time with the ladies in these venues. However, with the following techniques, you too can master the art of how to pick up women in clubs.

Favor the open-air areas. Unfortunately, the dance floor isn’t the greatest place to learn how to pick up women in clubs. If you’re feeling a bit nervous and want to have a quality conversation with your lady of interest, stick to the patios or generally quieter areas of the discotheque. Here, you’ll find the type of women who favor a good conversation over being a part of the sweaty, grinding mass that makes up a majority of the club. Buy her a drink, relax, and prepare to enjoy some of the best conversation you’ll have that night.
Don’t be too blatant. A lot of people go to clubs with the explicit purpose of hooking up. That being said, walking in wearing this intention like a merit badge is a quick way to repel any women in the nightclub. Approach the ladies without making it too obvious that you’re just looking to take one home that night. Acting otherwise will make you seem sleazy. In fact, it’s been shown that if you act like you don’t want to bring a lady home, she’ll want you even more. Be subtle in your approach and you won’t believe how many ladies will be vying for your attention.
Don’t be a wallflower. You might think that sitting in the corner of the club sipping your drink might make you look mysterious, but in reality you’re just giving off the vibe of being lonely. Don’t be afraid to laugh, dance and engage the ladies in conversation. You’ll find that women are much more willing to talk and go home with someone who’s actively having a good time, as opposed to the guy sitting in the corner, feeling sorry for himself. You’ll find that simply getting on your feet and being confident is the single best piece of advice you can follow in learning how to pick up women in clubs.
Don’t ignore her friends. One of the biggest sins that men commit while gaining knowledge of how to pick up women in clubs is attempting to break a girl away from her friends. Don’t even bother trying—it never works. Instead, approach them with your own collection of buddies and you’ll see quick success. Doing so gives everyone in the group somebody to talk to, meaning that the girl in question won’t feel guilty for engaging with you. Nobody feels left out, and thus everybody’s happy.

Learning how to pick up women in clubs seems daunting at first, given the harsh environment. The drinks are pricier, the music’s loud, and there never seems to be enough room to have a decent conversation. However, if you remember to be fun-loving, proactive, and not creepy, you’ll find that the times you leave the club alone will be few and far between.

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