5 Tips For Seducing Married Women

Picking up a lady who already has someone at home is a daunting task indeed, which is why you’re going to need these 5 tips for seducing married women. Betrothed ladies on the prowl are usually looking for something they feel their husbands lack, so the main idea is to be the embodiment of his deficiencies. So be sure to put on your best face, keep your chin up, and definitely adhere to the following tips for seducing married women.

Dress well. You’re going to want to put your best foot forward when seducing married women. These ladies have already gone through the steps of dating before, so they’re not looking for young kids in pre-torn jeans and fitted polo shirts. You’ll be surprised how far a pair of slacks and a nice shirt will get you in getting closer to the betrothed lady of your dreams. Remember, she’s looking for someone who’s more mature than the average person in the bar. Make your best effort to look like that guy.
Be funny. More often than not, married women start looking elsewhere for love because they feel something’s lacking at home; a majority of the time, they feel their husbands are boring. Engage her in conversation while making her laugh, and pretty soon you’ll find her hanging onto your every word. Having a sense of humor and making sure that she enjoys her conversations with you is one of the best tips for seducing married women that you can receive.
Be open-minded. Needless to say, seducing married women is a whole different ball game when you compare it to attempting to bed single girls. You need to get over the fact that she has a husband, or even kids. To say that she’ll be coming into the experience with some baggage is a gross understatement—it’s your job, as the guy learning how to seduce married women, to put all of that behind you and act like it’s not even there. By pushing those thoughts out of your head and focusing on the lady in question, you’ll be much more successful in moving her from the bar into your bedroom.
Be kind. Married women aren’t interested in the immature jerks that use childish tactics to bed college-aged women. They’re looking for a mature, understanding partner who possesses the mental maturity it takes to properly handle a situation like her’s. One of the best tips for seducing married women you can adhere to is to become that guy—forego the instinct to act like an insensitive jerk as a way to feign confidence and approach her with a smile on your face and an ear that’s willing to listen. You’ll see much more success with picking up married women by being a kinder, more sensitive man than you would by acting like the arrogant, selfish husband she left at home.
Be interesting. As it’s been stated before, betrothed ladies come to a bar looking for more because they’re bored at home. By having an interesting story to tell or even unique ideas of how you can spend more time together, you’ll find that she’ll be more willing to take time away from her home life and spend it with you. Thinking outside of the box and making your dates more avant garde is a surefire way to make certain that this woman not only wants to go home with you, but also spend a significant amount of time with you in the future.

Getting a woman with a husband to go home with you is no simple task, so it helps to follow these tips for seducing married women. However, once you have the right clothing, right language, and definitely the right attitude, you’ll be taking home betrothed ladies every time you go out to the bar or nightclub.

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