How To Be Cocky And Funny

In order to pick up the hottest women at the bar, you need to learn how to be cocky and funny. Knowing how to be cocky and funny will cause people, especially women, to flock to you and focus all of their attention solely on you and whatever you’re saying. Humor exudes confidence, which is a very attractive quality to beautiful women.

Believe in yourself. Probably the most important step in learning how to be cocky and funny, you need to believe in yourself in order for your humor to work. If you go into a situation constantly doubting yourself, the delivery of whatever you’re saying will falter and you’ll just end up looking like someone who’s trying too hard.
Be proactive. Sitting in the corner of the club isn’t going to help you learn how to be funny or cocky. If you see a beautiful woman sitting by herself or with a group of friends, walk up to her. This in itself is the very definition of cockiness: carrying oneself with an air of self-assertiveness. Furthermore, waiting for people to talk to you isn’t very funny, it’s just sad. Don’t sit around hoping people come to you—go to them.
Try self deprecation. Being able to laugh at one’s self is the very foundation of humor. Many of the greatest comedians got their start by telling jokes about themselves. Don’t make her feel sorry for you by telling her how awful your life is or how pathetic you are at picking up women, but don’t be adverse to taking a few jabs at yourself for the sake of making her laugh. Being able to poke at one’s own faults not only exhibits a good sense of humor, but shows a great deal of confidence that very few people possess.
Be light-hearted. People, in general, hate downers. Worrying about everything going wrong in the world and complaining about how you’re carrying the weight of the universe on your shoulders is a quick way to drive women away. However, not taking things so seriously shows the ladies that you are confident and, more importantly, you don’t get shaken too easily.
Don’t be afraid to tease her. A lot of men make the mistake of putting hot women on a pedestal. While many women certainly enjoy this preferential treatment, this also causes them to doubt whether or not the men treating them as such have backbones. It’s certainly important to treat women with respect; however, anyone who knows how to be cocky and funny knows that you don’t want to deify the ladies you’re talking to. By slightly making fun of a gorgeous lady, you’re putting her on a level equal to your’s. This not only exudes the confidence that hot ladies love to see in their men, but also shows that you’re sense of humor is reaches far enough to make her laugh at her own follies.

Knowing how to be cocky and funny is one of the essentials skills one needs to impress and pick up the hot ladies at the bar or night club. By having confidence and taking everything in a light manner, there is no reason who you cannot make any woman laugh or even bring her home by the end of the night.

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