How To Be Confident With Girls

If you want to increase the number of dates you’re going to have, you need to learn how to be confident with girls. Women don’t want to date a guy who’s weak-minded and won’t stand up straight. Learn the secrets of how to be confident with girls and watch your dating life dramatically improve.

Clean up and dress well. It may sound odd, but dressing nicely and keeping yourself clean is a great way to your ability to be confident with girls. If you look nice, you’re going to feel like you can conquer the world and, more importantly, get a few more numbers in your little black book. Wear some nicer clothes and be sure to be showered and clean shaven while talking to girls.
Speak into a mirror. This one is a bit of practical training to get you to be more confident with girls. Start by looking into a mirror, then begin to talk to yourself. Become comfortable with how your voice sounds and its inflections, taking note of when you start to speed up. By slowing things down and teaching yourself to speak clearly, you’ll be amazed by how much more confident you’ll be when it comes time to talk to the ladies.
Don’t fear rejection. It may sound counter-intuitive, but if you want to be more confident with girls, you need to be okay with being turned down by them. Once you rid yourself of the fear of going home alone, you’re not going to be so preoccupied with impressing them and thus, your confidence will rise. Think about it this way: trapeze artists don’t fear falling down because they’ve got the safety net underneath them. They have no chance of dying if they miss a bar or a jump—do the same for yourself by not caring if you have a lady on your arm by the end of the night.

In order to double your dating, you need to learn how to be confident with girls. By making small improvements about your life and making yourself more presentable, you’ll find that you can be more confident with girls around you in no time. It’s not difficult, but teaching yourself how to be confident with girls will take some dedication on your part.

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