10 Perfect Natural Boobs

With so many women going under the knife to enhance their assets, finding ten perfect natural boobs is a little difficult. However, there are some women across Hollywood and beyond who have held true to themselves and their fans by not letting a single surgeon near their God-given gifts. You won’t find any silicone or saline in this list—just pure perfection of human form. If you love the fun bags, hooters, or whatever you like to call them, then here are some of the most perfect natural boobs in the entertainment industry.

Elizabeth Hurley. This sultry «Austin Powers» and «Bedazzled» star has gone to the press to reassure her fans that her perfect natural boobs are completely untouched by science. At 43, she still looks amazing, making her one of the best-looking women on this list, if not the entire world.
Scarlett Johansson. This curvaceous star is the definition of a blonde bombshell, with gorgeous hair, an hourglass figure, and perfect natural boobs. It’s a shame that she’s listed a no-nudity clause in every one of her movie contracts, meaning that we’ll probably never see her twins in their full glory.
Eva Mendes. This sexy leading lady has graced the screen in hits like «Training Day,» «Ghost Rider,» and «All About The Benjamins.» Though she might be older than some of the other women on the list, there isn’t a single doubt in our minds that this fiery Latina has some of the most perfect natural boobs in the entirety of human history.
Monica Belluccii. Having found her big break in the final two installments of «The Matrix» trilogy, this sexy Italian woman has been featured in films such as «Bram Stroker’s Dracula» and «Shoot ‘Em Up.» Her flawless love muffins have been the subject of many a male fantasy, especially when combined with her olive skin and sultry Italian accent.
Kim Kardashian. It’s pretty difficult to be known for anything else besides perfect natural boobs when you’re biggest claim to fame is a leaked sex tape. However, this socialite is the star of numerous reality shows, meaning that she’s managed to become a master, above all else, in marketing her own image.
Zooey Deschanel. With her dark hair, pale skin, and quirky sense of style, Zooey is a heroine to the hipster in all of us. Her role in «500 Days of Summer» further cemented the fact that she’s lovable in that off-beat sense of the word, and now she needs to do a nude scene so we can see those perfect natural boobss of her’s.
Tyra Banks. The very first black cover model of the famous «Sports Illustrated» swimsuit issue, this self-proclaimed diva is known to have some of the best natural boobs in Hollywood. If there was any doubt to that fact, she even had a licensed plastic surgeon as a guest on her daytime talk show to confirm that fact. Good job, Miss Banks.
Christina Hendricks. This pale-skinned redhead easily has some of the biggest and most perfect natural breasts in Hollywood today, The star of the drama «Mad Men,» 1960’s clothing and hairnets have never looked so good until they’ve been placed on the impeccable canvas that is Ms. Hendricks.
Anne Hathaway. You might’ve thought she was just a kid in «The Princess Diaries,» but she was certainly all grown up in the sizzler «Havoc.» This brunette beauty queen boasts one of the best bodies and some of the most perfect natural boobs we’ve seen yet. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for another nude scene.
Keeley Hazzell. This British model boasts a cup size 32E that is compltely untouched by man-made science, giving her some of the largest and best natural breasts in the entire world. Her work in United Kingdom-based men’s magazines such as «Loaded» and «Nuts» make us wish she’d do a little more work on our side of the Atlantic.

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