5 Most Beautiful Asian Women

If you love exotic ladies, then you’ll love this list of the 5 most beautiful Asian women ever. Asian women are some of the sexiest ladies on the face of the Earth, so the following examples of the most beautiful Asian women are some of the finest pieces of woman flesh ever! These ladies are from both Asia and the United States, so you know you’re getting a mixture of everything great when you examine these fine goddesses. The following ladies are easily the most beautiful Asian women ever!

Maria Ozawa. This half-Japanese, half-French Canadian beauty has it all. Large eyes, supple curves and skin as white as snow—did we mention she also does porn? Yep, you might not have guessed it from her gorgeous exterior, but she’s one of the rising stars in Japan’s adult entertainment industry. If that doesn’t make her deserve a spot on the list of the most beautiful Asian women, we don’t know what does.
Kimberly Ann. This curvaceous beauty is half-Korean and half-Caucasian, making her one of the most beautiful Asian women ever! She’s got sick curves, an amazing face and some of the most seductive eyes we’ve ever seen. It also helps that she’s a gogo dancer in her spare time and has currently appeared in two calendars and countless internet specials. We’re assured that she’s probably the most conducive use of bandwidth ever.
Natasha Yi. Not only is she one of the most beautiful Asian women ever, but she is easily one of the most groundbreaking. She’s the first ever Asian model who was featured on the popular game show «The Price Is Right.» She’s also held minor roles in films like «Rush Hour 2,» «The Rundown» and «Cradle 2 The Grave.»
Grace Park. You might know her as the sensual «Boomer» from the seminal series «Battlestar Galactica.» We simply know her as one of the most beautiful Asian women to ever give the nerds a lot of love. Her subtle curves and alluring eyes make her an assault on all of the senses, but one that wouldn’t mind experiencing over, and over and over again.
Briana Lee. This olive-skinned beauty is half-Chinese, half-Italian and all sexy. Her enormous boobs offset her curvaceous body in one of the most perfect packages we’ve seen yet. Each one of this import darling’s pictures portray a raw, animalistic sensuality, making her one of the most beautiful Asian women of all time.

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