10 Best Places To Find A Girlfriend

If you’re hard on your luck on love, you’re going to need the 10 best places to find a girlfriend. There’s no secret clubhouse or temple you need to go to meet women, but at the same time, it may be difficult to think of these locations. We all need a little bit of help sometimes, so here are the best places to find a girlfriend.

Cooking classes. Everyone needs to eat and nothing is sexier to a woman than a man who can cook for himself. Cooking classes are a great and casual way to meet a girlfriend because it gives the two of you some common ground to base your discussions on and, moreover, a great idea for a first or second date.
Bar. With the low lights, a relaxed atmosphere and a plentiful liquor supply, a bar is one of the best places to find a girlfriend. Be sure to go with your friends or else you’ll just come off as that creepy guy who drinks alone.
Volunteering. Show the ladies that there’s some altruistic spirit flowing through you by stopping in at your local soup kitchen or homeless shelter and give them a hand. Not only are you showcasing your generosity, you’re doing your part to make the world a better place.
Your workplace. Some people may want to avoid this option, but your office or professional environment is one of the best places to find a girlfriend because you see each other every day and have a lot of things to talk about. If you two do eventually break up, however, things around the office may turn awkward more quickly than you’re comfortable with.
Museum or art gallery. These locations are some of the best places to find a girlfriend if you’re looking for someone with a bit of culture. Read up on some of the exhibits before visiting, though so you don’t seem like that one guy who tries to pick up women with nothing but BS.
The grocery store. It might seem unconventional, but with its completely nonchalant setting, the grocery store can be among the best places to find a girlfriend. Be friendly and approach her with a smile and things will definitely turn out well for you.
The gym. This is one of the best places to find a girlfriend who cares about her body. Do better for yourself in two ways by getting in shape and meeting the girl of your dreams amongst all of the workout equipment.
The beach. It’s almost too easy to meet a girlfriend amongst the sun soaked bodies and sand dunes. Much like before, be sure to come here with friends so you don’t seem like too much of a loner.
Public transportation. You both ride it every day, so what’s wrong with striking up a friendly conversation on the way to work? As long as you’re confident and keep the conversation light, you’ll have her number in your phone in no time.
Local interest group. By joining a local hobbies or interest group, you’re making the commitment to doing something you love, as well as finding yourself a girlfriend. Getting a lady here is great because you both already have something that you love doing together.

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