How to Date Older Women With Kids

Be respectful. Though a woman may go for a younger man for his youth or rebellious attitude, she will still be looking for signs of maturity. Being respectful shows your older girlfriend that despite the difference in age, you are still a good match for her. Showing your respect is even more important for a woman with children. If you can treat her with respect, she will trust you around her children. In contrast, if you cannot manage to treat her with respect, she will not trust you around her children.

Give her compliments. Naturally, your older woman may have anxieties about her physical appearance. Aging is something that happens to everyone, but women are particularly attached to youth. Women with children are aware that they have less time to spend on their appearance, and may have greater anxieties than other women. Make sure you give her regular compliments about her beauty and attractiveness.

Show your concern about her kids. A mother’s pride and joy is her child and you would do well to understand that. However, your concern for her children cannot be fake, as your girlfriend can detect false affection. If you cannot get along with her children, you may want to reconsider the relationship. Not only will it be difficult for you to spend time with her children, you will also hurt her with your dislike for her children.

Show your understanding. A single mother’s job is very difficult. She has to balance her career as well as look after her children. Make sure you show her that you understand her struggles. The last thing you would want to do is to throw a tantrum if she is too tired to go on a date. Instead, offer to stay in and order a pizza.

Offer to help in small ways: pick up her children from school so that she can take an afternoon break. Bring over some take-out on busy nights, or offer to cook. She will take these kind gestures as signs that you understand her situation.

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