8 Things Women Don’t Ignore About Men

On a first date, she is going to notice more than the brand of your watch, shoes and sunglasses. Thus, if you are going to try to win her over, your looks and charisma will only take you so far.

Women today know exactly what they want out of life, and the same rules apply to prospective partners as well. Confident and grounded, women will not settle for the second best, and knowing what the best is for women, is crucial for men.

If you thought it was difficult to please women, you thought right. However, dating gurus are aplenty when you need some serious advice on the do’s and don’ts. Here, we give you eight such pointers to ‘groom’ you up before you enter the dating arena:

Being a drop-dead hunk helps – however, that is only one of the gazillion things that women notice about you. Given the other factors, it might do you no good if you exhibit an unpleasant snobbishness about your physical attributes. In the same way, if you are a regular Joe, it will hardly be taken into account if you are well endowed in other spheres of life.

‘Clothes maketh a man’: how very true this adage is. And implementing it is as tricky. For instance, going overboard in your enthusiastic attempt to impress your date and showing up overdressed and your perfume brand obvious to people 10 feet away – not a good idea. The key is moderation – chic enough to impress and casual enough to portray a comfortable mindset.

A woman certainly is pleased by courtesy, however being too gentlemanly and not going Dutch may not be appreciated by some women. Chivalry does not go down too well with ladies when they feel smothered by such machismo.

The concept of gold-diggers is passé, and when women eye your financial condition, it is to assess how you make do at the career and ambition front. If a woman wants to take the relationship further, she would never take well to an aimless wanderer, would she?

That women love a man with humor has been stereotyped since time immemorial. In that case, one wonders how the serious ones land up with wonderful wives as well. Women’s attraction thus cannot be clubbed under one roof – but being genuine and a good conversationalist is always appreciated.
Behavior With Inferior People

Switching from being a suave jock while talking with your date, to being a condescending customer when dealing with the waiter will never go unnoticed by the woman. Your behavior with people in lower stations of life reflects the kind of person you are. And women do not want to consort with arrogant men.
View On Relationships

You have passed the previous tests, and she considers you as a potential partner. However, there are more bridges to cross before you can get to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Most women note your attitude to relationships and commitments, family life and dedication to assess if you are quite the husband material. When looking for a stable affair, your talk of your numerous ex-girlfriends on how clingy they were thus fetches you negative points.
Views On Working Women

It has been a long time, since men married women to take care of the household while themselves being the proud sole breadwinner of the family. Such an attitude is loathed by the deeply career-oriented woman today. If you belong to that old school of thought, there is as much chance for you with your date as there is for a fish to survive out of water.

Times have changed, and so have the tunes to the mating call. A woman is very observant to everything about a man when they first meet. Slips of tongues are not ignored – Uncle Freud has taught the ladies well, and she will read between your lines in the supposedly nonchalant conversation you are having, while enjoying the delicious Italian dinner.

Nothing escapes scrutiny – beginning from your hairstyle to the shoes – and everything between and beyond, and there is no getting away from it.

However, it is not advisable to act fake either just for the sake of the courtship period. Change for the better is certainly good – and being authentic is no doubt the best thing possible. Be a man, don’t let these expectations intimidate you – just be yourself, nothing impresses more than a real guy.

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