How to Show Your Love to Your Boyfriend

There are times when any woman might take her man for granted. Perhaps you’ve both been busy at work, or maybe the stresses of daily life are getting you down. But what can you do if you’re worried about that perfect spark going out of your relationship?
Never fear—there are plenty of ways to prove to him (and you) that what you have together is definitely alive and well. Following are some of the ways by which you can let your man know how much you love him and care for him.
How to Jog His Memory
Make a date! : It’s amazing how many couples never arrange to have any time alone with each other. Plan a weekend getaway or even just a night out, and take the initiative to let him know how much you enjoy spending time with him.
Be cheerful : Smile, and take pleasure in the little things. Nothing kills the romance like moping around. This is a great way to lift everyone’s spirits and turn both your thoughts to love. If you’re in a good mood, chances are he’ll start smiling too!
Dress up a little! : Wear some makeup or a great outfit, even if there’s no special occasion. Know how beautiful you are, and impress him with your confidence. Your spontaneity might just drive him wild!
Show trust : Encourage him to go out with his friends, while you spend some time with yours. Time apart doesn’t have to mean a relationship is dying—in fact, it can mean quite the opposite. In a happy couple, both guy and girl get to have their own lives.
Surprise him! : You know him the best, so find a way to give him one of his favorite gifts whenever he is least expecting it. Nothing kindles the heart like knowing that someone has been thinking about your happiness.
Romantic Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend
Tech Gadgets: What? An iPod or a Blackberry as a romantic gift? That’s right—men love to fiddle with a new piece of technology. Get him a gadget that he doesn’t own yet, and you’re showing him that you care about his interests. What could be better?
Romantic Mementos: Is there a special moment the two of you have shared together? Get a token of that experience—a locket with your pictures in it, a postcard from that magical getaway you once took—and give it to him with a heartfelt message. This is sure to help him relive all of his fondest memories with you!
Intimate Gifts: If your relationship is at a mature level, getting him some more (*ahem*) intimate items could be just the thing to revitalize his passion for you. Even buying yourself some pretty new underwear might be a quick way to remind him of all the things he loves about you.
Sports Tickets: It may not seem romantic on the surface, but two tickets to see his favorite team will be a welcome gift for most any man. Also, it means that he’ll get to spend a day with not one, but two of the things he loves most: his team and you!
His Favorite Meal: Some things are classic for a reason, as everyone knows that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. If you’re a fine cook, then great! If not, take out a hot meal from his favorite restaurant. Never underestimate the power of good food and better company!

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