François VI, duc de La Rochefoucauld parable about love

François VI, duc de La Rochefoucauld parable about love
In jealousy there is more love to itself, than to another.

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Stop being a glass, become the lake parable about love

Stop being a glass, become the lake parable about love
Once one young man who considered himself very unfortunate came to the old teacher and told that he doesn’t see any sense in the difficult life.

He long complained of life which, in his opinion, with him was cruel and unfair. And at the end of each sad monologue the young man surely exclaimed: «For what to me it? Why at me everything is always worse, than at other people?»

And so proceeded during several days.

When to the wise man bothered to listen to continuous moaning, he sent the young man behind salt. And then I asked to place a salt handful in a glass with water and to drink.

«How to you it on taste?» – the teacher asked, seeing as the young man was twisted in a disgust grimace, «It is awful! And it is disgusting!».

The teacher only smiled and asked to take one more handful of salt.

They silently reached the next lake. The old man ordered to the young man to pour out and stir salt in lake water.

«And now drink waters and tell about the feelings».

«Pure, fresh and very tasty water!» – the young man noted, — «And I don’t feel salt at all».

Then the teacher, having sat down near the young man, I embraced him and thoughtfully I told: «Pain in our life is a pure salt; neither it is more, nor it is less. The quantity of pain will be always invariable. But the pain felt by us depends on the volume of a vessel in which we will place it.

Thus, when we suffer and we writhe from pain, the only thing that in our forces to make, it to fill life with a variety and sense, and will learn to see many things more widely. Stop being for yourself a glass. Become the lake».

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Wings parable about love

Wings parable about love
The small angel sat on a cloudlet, having lowered legs. He observed in the country which seemed to him an ant hill.
Suddenly in a window of one house he saw a familiar face.
«It she» — the angel thought and smoothly I began to go down.
Here his small legs already touched the earth, he slightly opened a door of an entrance and slipped in a small crack.

I rose by the ninth floor and it appeared near that door.
The small handle he touched a call, and his shrill shout disturbed silence.
— Who there? — I asked once familiar voice.
— It I, Angel.
— I don’t know any Angel. You, probably, were mistaken the apartment!
— Well, I wasn’t mistaken! It I I, the Angel … open, please …

The door opened, and the Angel saw it.
She was not that any more … Tortured, pale, in an old dressing gown …
— Really it you? What with you became?! — the Angel exclaimed.
— We are familiar? I for the first time see you. What it is necessary for you? Why you here?

Dim eyes the girl looked and I understood nothing.
— You remember nothing?
— No. I was very tired, and I advise you quicker to get out from here.
Especially my husband will come soon. I think, he will be not really glad to see strangers in the house.

She sat down at a table and turned a back to the Angel.
The angel approached her closer and shy embraced her for shoulders, nestled on her back the small little body.
— I will show something to you now, promise that you will at once leave …
She took off a dressing gown, and on her perfect body, on her peach back, around shovels, there were two awful scars …
— And now leave …

Called a door, and she shuddered.
Hasty I got up from a chair and I ran to open a door. It was her husband. «And it who else?» — the husband discontentedly muttered.
«He already leaves» — the girl strictly looked at the Angel.
«I am hungry, in 5 minutes I will come to eat» — the husband declared.
The girl hurried on kitchen. «A door there — the man showed a finger the door — Clean up!»

In big eyes Angela seemed to slezki.
— Where her Wings? Where you put her wings?
She had huge white wings. Why you cut off them???
You ruined her! — the Angel choked in tears.
— You understands, we love each other … And respectively, we sleep together!
And you know how stirred it wings! It was inconvenient to it to lie on a back therefore I also cut off them! Now all at us as it should be! We are happy!

The angel already went outside where there was a sleet …
«And nevertheless you don’t love each other!!!
She will die with you …» — the Angel following shouted …
The man ran out on the street, but the Angel was already highly …
«Why? Why you so speak???» — the man shouted, looking in heaven.

«BECAUSE WINGS NEVER STIR LOVE» — the Angel whispered …

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All women are identical parable about love

All women are identical parable about love
Once at the Teacher the person of middle age came.
— Dear, I ask you for suggestions. I rather well adjusted the life — I have own shop, I live in the good house, I have beautiful friends and I forgot long ago about a set of minor everyday problems which disturbed me earlier. But at me still it is impossible to establish a strong and harmonious family. I want to find the careful and sensitive woman with virtuous character that she became me the faithful and loving spouse. In the searches I got acquainted and approached many women, and inevitably was disappointed in them the quicker, than quicker they fascinated me first. With grief I came to a conclusion that all women are identical and don’t cost also the tenth share of my ideal. Really I am not fated to find the companion of life which to me it will be valid to liking? How then it turns out at other people?
— I see that you really want about what you ask and therefore I will help you. But I will need to think over the answer. Come to me tomorrow evening.
On it they said goodbye and next evening the dealer came to the Teacher home.
— Now I will make tea for now I prepare water, settle more conveniently. To us will be about what to talk.
— Thanks, Teacher. Even it is simple to be with you in one house — a great honor to me.
— Perhaps, you will tell me some story from the past which led you to so sad conclusions about female character?
And the dealer told about the very first love. When he finished the story, outside the window already there came twilight. No word was uttered by the Teacher for all the time of the story — only thoughtfully nodded several times.
— You told very interesting story. But today I won’t be able to answer your question. Go home and come tomorrow at the same time.
Six times the dealer went to the Teacher and six times everything repeated. He told him about the communication with women young and mature, poor and rich, clever and ingenuous, beautiful and unsightly, but it changed nothing — the Teacher every time thanked for an interesting story and suggested to come next time. To surprise of the dealer there was no limit, however for the seventh day the traditional order was broken right after the end of the next story.
— This history was pleasant to me most! By the way, what tea was to the taste to you most of all?
— I look for the answer to the question here, and just didn’t pay attention to it. As far as I remember, every time we had green tea. What do you mean?
— Inhale aroma and enjoy it. Drink slowly, it will allow you to feel all variety of shades of taste. If you attentively listen to the feelings, then you will understand that one tea gives you clarity of thinking, another gives feeling of ease, the third calms, and the fourth invigorates. That to notice it, it is necessary to give only to it enough time and attention. In total during our meetings I made seven different grades of tea. Whether you will have at me tea tomorrow evening?
— I thank you for the invitation, the Teacher, but now in it isn’t present need. You answered my question.

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About the husband parable about love

About the husband parable about love
Whether about that bad the wife has a parable the husband or good:
Once to the wise aged man the woman came and told:
— You got married between me and the husband two years ago. And now part us. I don’t want to live more with him.
— What reason of your desire to divorce? – the wise man took an interest.
The woman so explained:
— At all husbands come back home in time, my spouse constantly is late. Because of this house every day scandals.
The aged man, having been surprised, asks:
— The reason only in it?
— Yes, I don’t want to live with the person possessing it a shortcoming – the woman answered.
— To part I you will part, but under one condition. Come back home now, bake big tasty bread and bring to me. But when you will bake bread, take nothing in the house! Ask salt, water, balls and flour for neighbors. And surely explain them the reason of the request — the wise man told.
The woman went home and was accepted for good reason.
I came to the neighbor and I told:
— Sosedushka, borrow me a glass of water.
— At you what, water reached a limit? Unless in the yard the well isn’t dug?
— Water is, but I went to the wise aged man to complain of the husband and asked to part us — the woman explained. And as soon as she finished, the neighbor sighed: — — Eh, if you knew what husband at me!
Also I began to complain of the spouse.
Later, the woman went to other neighbor to ask salt.
— Your salt reached a limit, you asks only one spoon?
— Salt is, but I complained to the aged man of the husband, asked divorce, – that woman says, and she didn’t manage to finish as the neighbor exclaimed:
— Eh, if you knew what husband at me! – also I began to complain of the spouse.
So, to whom this woman came to ask products, from all heard complaints to husbands.
At last she baked big tasty bread, brought to the wise man and gave with words:
— Thank you, try my work together with the family. Only don’t think to part me with the husband.
— Why, what happened, the daughter? — the wise man asked.
— My husband, appears, best of all! – she answered him.

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